Japan is of central interest as a location for German economy and research.

“In Japan the future takes place earlier", "Japan is a great place for innovations” and “Japan is a high-technology spot and trendsetter” are statements made by German businessmen who are already present in Japan. For foreign companies it is important to participate in the knowhow of Japanese clients and collect strategic information to be able to define, how a product could be like in 2 or 3 years.

It should be the aim of German companies to be an insider in this system of innovation, so they will be able to compete on a global level. A direct involvement, intense exchange and client-contacts or research and procurement – there are various possibilities.

The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan supports German companies by providing information and contacts related to Japanese research institutes and science-orientated enterprises.

The AHK Japan is also co-sponsoring the ”German Innovation Award - Gottfried Wagener Prize“, which honors young scientists in Japan for application-oriented research work while providing a platform for scientific and economic exchange and collaboration.