Business-Trip to Japan

We have compiled some useful information for you - from entry requirements to accommondation, from means of locomotion to sightseeing-tours despite your busy schedule. Meybe some of them will be useful to you?

Visa & Work permit

A visitor requiring entry into Japan must be in possession of a full, valid passport. Identity cards are not accepted for entry into Japan. (...)

Arrival & airport transfer

Most visitors to Japan arrive at Narita, Tokyo’s international airport situated 60 kilometers east of the capital. The airport has two main terminals, which offer onward flights to (...)


Tokyo provides accomodations of all categories and for every budget. The following websites are useful for Hotel research and availability check (...)

Japan Etiquette

There are numerous rules of behavior in Japan that differ from western norms, but the inexperienced visitor from the west is not necessarily expected to (...)


You should be prepared for the possibility in Japanese business life that the person you are speaking to does not have a complete command of the English language. (...)

Train & Taxi

Japan has one of the world’s most reliable and extensive rail networks. Not only is the shinkansen express system world-renowned for its punctuality (...)

After Five

If you are traveling on business in Tokyo, it would be a shame to spend your limited free time in a lonely hotel room. (...)