Studying, internship & job search

There are many reasons for an extended stay in Japan. For example: getting to know the country, its people, its culture or learn japanese. No matter if it is for a language course or studies at a university, for an internship or a permanent position: the chances to get a promotional program are quite good. So it is worth starting early with the preparations – about a year before the actual leaving. This is because:

Promotional programs are often advertised only once per year and do have a long lead time.

The hunt for a job as well as for an internship is long, because decision-making processes take longer in Japan, the concept of an internship is not so well known and there are only few jobs for non-japanese. Even more aggravating is, if the candidate is not in Japan during the time of the application.

Scholarships are awarded from the german as well as the japanese government. On top of that, there exist programs which are sponsored by the EU and those of private foundations. Scholarships are awarded to students, graduates as well as working people. The age limit is mostly at 30.

The job offers can be divided into two groups: Those for which none or only little language skills are necessary and those that require excellent language skills. Beforehand: the biggest challenges when searching for a job are the knowledge of japanese and obtaining a work visa.

As a first step, many people choose a position as language teacher or recruiter first. Personal contacts may be a “door opener”, but are not a guarantee for a job. So you should at the same time definitely try it with open applications and employment ads, for example in the internet. Also phone calls are worth a try.

On the following pages we will present you, how to inform about scholarships and studying in Japan as well as how to find an internship or a permanent position.

We would like to wish you good luck and a pleasant stay in Japan!

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