On your own feet in Japan?

A challenge, sure. But possible! Equip yourself with our tips and hints about the right start into business. For more information about an efficient research on jobs, all the relevant working-holiday- and studyprograms and the first important steps in the Japanese language, look here…

For Recruiters

If you are looking for qualified personnel for your Japanese operations, the German Chamber of Commerce in Japan offers the following possibilities:
Advertisement in Online Job Market
Advertisement in the journal 

Tel.: 03-5276-8741
Email: communications(at)dihkj.or.jp

For Job seekers

If you are looking for a new challenge or a change of professional direction in Japan, post your "position wanted" advertisement on the Chamber’s Jobs Board. You can also browse our Online Job market immediately to see the list of current job vacancies.

Tel.: 03-5276-8824
Email: cotsuka(at)dihkj.or.jp