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Austrian, female, 33
Education: final apprenticeship as laboratory chemist
Work Experience: ~15 years as laboratory chemist, (Pharmacy, Environment, chemical Industry), Eventsecurity ~3 years
Practical Experience: working whith dangerous chemicals, Analytical Methods; Security check at big Musicvents (Nova Rock, Frequency, Donauinselfestival)
other Skills: Microsoft Office, driver License A+B
Operation: Coordinated and structured, precisely, flexible, reliable
Languages: German (first language), English – fluent, Japanese – Basic knowledge
Desired Employment: diversified and exciting activity as laboratory chemist or  Event Management (Musicevents) or Gastronomy, full time
Desired Workplace: all Regions
Visa: Touristvisa (~6 month from 2017/08, residence in Tokyo), Visasponsor is necessary


German, male, 27
Education: Japanese Studies (B.A., 3 years) at the University of Munich; Business Administration, Japanese Economy (M.A., 2 years) at University of Duisburg-Essen
Employment: Receptionist in fitness club at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (6 months), waiter and assistant shop manager at German restaurant in Tokyo (6 months), security employee in art gallery in Munich
Languages: German (mother language), English (native level), Japanese (ca. JLPT N2)
Desired position: International Sales in international company in the Greater Tokyo Area
Current residence: Germany 


Japanese, Female, 56
Education: University degree (B.A.)
Experience: Overall human resources operation (25 years-), Office management (12 years), management experience in both areas (10 years) in Japanese and Foreign companies in Japan. HR- policy & procedure, labor management, performance evaluation, payroll & benefit, budget, recruitment, termination, employee relations, etc. Office management – vendor management, layout change, relocation, office suppliers & document management, insurance, BCP, security/health and safety, office event coordination.  
Qualification and license: English (business level), German (Gruendstufe), MS office, Certified social and labor insurance consultant, Health administrator, Fire and Disaster prevention supervisor, good-listener, well-organized, fair, neutral, caring, reliable, internal-customer oriented, attention to details, hands-on, self-starter, experience in start-up/early stage of the organization
Desired position/location: HR and/or Office manager or similar position in a mid-small sized organization where I can use my skills and experience/Tokyo or surround


Indian, male, 45
Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Advance Diploma (German)
Work experiences: 23 years
Language: Marathi (Mother Tounge), English, German, Japanese (JLPT 2)
IT Skills: MS Office, MS-Project und PowerPoint, Oracle 11i, I-DEAS
Desired type of position: Project Management / Program Management (Engineering . Automotive), Sourcing, Supplier Technical Support (Automotive), Supply Chain Management 


German (30, m)
looking for responsible position and career perspectives in international environment
Education: Diploma in Regional Studies “East Asia”, University Duisburg-Essen
Experiences: project management and project administration in Japan, Germany, and other countries in East, South and Southeast Asia (6 years); author, speaker, moderator, trainer
Strengths: reliability, ability to respond, analytical thinking
Language skills: English (TOEIC 980), German (native), Japanese (JLPT N1)
IT skills: MS Office, ECM, LMS, HTML
Other: spouse visa with working permission; currently in Germany; 5 years Japan experience in total 


Japanese, male, 39
Ausbildung: Dipl. Germanistik (Dokkyo Universität, School of Foreign Language, Saitama)
Berufliche Erfahrung: 14 jährige Erfahrung in Übersetzungsindustrie (Manager). Arbeitete 3 Jahre in München als Manager der Zweigniederlassung. 1 Jahr Erfahrung als Verkäufer in Automoilindustrie. 
Kenntnisse: Japanisch: Muttersprache, Englisch: TOEIC 830 Punkte, Deutsch: Zentrale Mittelstufenpruefung, Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Level 2, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) Tool (Trados, Memsource), Führerschein
Gewünschte Tätigkeiten und Ort: Marketing, Verkauf, PR, Dokumentenmanagement, usw. Tokio und Vorort oder Deutschland. Derzeitige Adresse: Saitama.


This person has already found a position.


German female, 25
Education: Waseda University: Master of Arts in International Relation (Graduation in September 2017) 
Work experience: 2 years working freelance as Interpreter and Translator, 2 Internships at Japanese Companies. Roland Corporation (HR / Cooperate Communication Department). Japan Tourism Association of Temple and Shrines (Marketing / PR Department) 
International Experience: High School in Saitama (10 months), Bachelor of Arts Bonn University with one-year exchange at Waseda University (Intensive Japanese Language Program), Student Visa.
Languages: German (mother tongue), Japanese (business level, N2), English (business level, TOEIC 890)
Desired type of position: Entry Position at a European or Japanese Company in the area of Tokyo, Saitama or Yokohama.
Desired work: Extroversive blond sales person: active communication with clients, marketing, translation, interpretation. 


German female, 27
Education: Master of Arts in Asian Studies: Economics and Society in Asia (Focus Japan), personal focus: (renewable) Energy and Environmental Protection, E-Commerce, Automotive Industry
Work experience: Translation experience (German/English – Japanese) for German Software-Development Start-Up, Assistant at the Japanese Culture Center of Cologne (front desk, event organization and execution, student assistant at the Haematology of the University Hospital of Bonn (general office work, archive)
Experience acquired abroad: Excange to the International Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies of Sophia University Tokyo (1 year)
Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Japanese (enrolled for JLPT N 2), French (advanced), Korean (basics)
Software skills: MS-Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
Desired position: Consulting, Marketing, Business Development in a german / international company or institution in Tokyo
Current place of residence: Germany


This person has already found a position.


German, male, 26
Education: Bachelor of Arts in “Applied Business Languages and International Management - Japanese”, Bremen University of Applied Sciences, expected graduation date 08/2017
Working experiences: Working student for renowned PR agency in Germany (3 months), Internship in sales department for renowned car manufacturer in Tokyo (6 months)
Experience acquired abroad: Internship in Tokyo (6 months), Exchange student at Meiji University in Tokyo (6 months), International voluntary social service in Danish kindergarten (1 year)
Languages: German (native), English (fluent), Japanese (JLPT N2)
Desired job position: I am aiming to start my career in a business related job in the greater Tokyo area. (HR, Sales, Marketing, etc.)
Current place of residence: Germany


German, female, 27
Education: Master of Science in Business Chemistry at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf (Graduation in 07/2017)
Working experience: Internship in the field of business development in Tokyo, research-assistant at university
International Experience: study abroad in Korea (10 months), internship in Tokyo (6 months), working-holiday as an Au-Pair in a Japanese hostfamily in Tokyo (6 months)
Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Japanese (JLPT N1), Korean (elementary), Chinese (elementary), French (elementary)
Strength: Business Chemistry is an innovative course of studies. I learned the way of thinking of a natural scientist and the skills of a business economist
Desired position and location: Searching for a career entry in Japan, preferably Kanto-Area


Swiss/German, male, 35
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Business and Management (Oxford Brookes University UK), Specialist in Mechanical Engineering with Diploma of Professional Education and Training.
Work Experience: Worked 10 years for a leading aircraft MRO provider in both technical and administrative positions in Switzerland, Malaysia and Vietnam. 
Main Activities: Customer support and ensuring of contract fulfilment on site at customer’s office. Supporting the installation of a repair workshop and training of technicians. Planning and steering the transfer of workload from the Swiss headquarters to the new workshop in Malaysia. Cost analysis and price calculation for different maintenance services. Repairing and maintaining hydraulic and electrical aircraft components.
Languages: German (native), English (fluent, Cambridge BEC higher), Japanese (beginner, JLPT4)
Desired position and location: Looking for a position in a German, international or Japanese company in the greater Tokyo or Osaka area, preferably in the aviation/aerospace, manufacturing or consulting industry.


Japaner, 59
Studium: Abschluss von Volkswirtschaft an der Keio Universität und zwei Jahre Studium an der Universität zu Koeln sowie der Ludwig Maximilian Universität Muenchen
Berufserfahrung: knapp dreissig Jahren Beschaeftigung bei einer grossen erstklassigen Japanischen Bank, davon insgesamt 16 Jahre Geschaeftserfahrungen in Deutschland und London. 
Erfahrung als Verantwortungstraeger der Firmenkundenbetreuung der Japanischen und Deutschen Unternehmen, der Bankenfusion in London, sowie des Post Integration Managements in einer Deutschen Filiale fusionierter Japanischen Bank 
Acht Jahre Erfahrung als General Manager verantwortlich für Finanzierungs- und Buchhaltungsabteilung sowie Planungsabteilung bei einer leitenden Japanischen Herstellungsunternehmen und auch bei einer Assetmangementfirma 
Sprachen: Japanisch (Muttersprache), Englisch (fließend, EIKEN Grade 1), Deutsch (fliessend, Goethe Institut Oberstufenpruefung:GUT, Mittelstufenpruefung:SEHR GUT).
Gewünschte Tätigkeit: 
Leitende Position fuer Globalisierungsfoerderung der japanishcen Organisation, Kooeperation oder Allianz mit Deutschen Unternehmen, sowie Umstrukturierung und Unterstuetzung vorhandenen Stuetzpunkten in Europa 
Unterstuetzung fuer Deutschen Unternehmen bei Marktuntersuchung, Unterstuetzung zur Starkung vielfaeltiger deutsch- japanischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen in verschiedenen Industriebereichen
Gewünschte Stelle: Eine Stelle bei einem japanischen Unternehmen in Tokyo mit starken Engagement mit Bezug in  Deutschland, sowie eine stelle in Tokyo bei einer japanishen Tochtergesellschaft von deutschen Unternehmen


German, male, 33
Education: PhD in Political Science from University of Münster, Focus on International Political Economy and Trade Policy, 3 years as student and researcher at ICU Tokyo and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Working experience: 3 years of work experience in Japan as Coordinator for International Relations at the city government, 1 year as a researcher at the leading global consulting firm in Germany
Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent), Japanese (JLPT 2), Spanish (basic knowledge)
Skills: Expertise in international trade and political economy, responsible for communication between German and Japanese sister cities, coordination and implementation of diverse exchange programs
Desired position and location:  Looking for a challenging position at a global firm in Japan or Germany in the areas of strategy and business development, research or consulting

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