How to Join

Organizations of any nationality may become members. As a member of the AHK Japan, you receive various benefits and have access to members only premium content.

Membership Categories and Annual Fees

New Member: The New Member status can be granted upon companies & organizations in Japan who have not been a member at the AHK Japan for at least three years and is valid for one calendar year.

50,000 Yen

Non-Profit Member: Non-profit organizations and (local) Government are eligible to become a Non-Profit Member.

50,000 Yen

Non-Resident Member: Only companies without a legal entity in  Japan are eligible for the Non-Resident Member status.

70,000 Yen

Full Member: The annual fee for Full Members is based on individual revenue and number of employees. A detailed explanation of the annual fees for full members can be found here.

200,000 – 430,000 Yen

Only Full members
1) have voting rights in the Annual General Meeting
2) have a right to vote for election to, and stand in election for the Board of Directors

Application Form

You can apply for a membership with our Application Form.


After approval by the board of directors we will send you a confirmation with the invoice for the membership fee. The membership officially begins after remittance of the membership fee.


All memberships are continuous every year. Membership can only be terminated at the end of September of the respective business year. Members who wish to withdraw their membership must notify the Board of Directors of the AHK Japan in writing three months before the end of the calendar year, i.e. the end of September, to withdraw membership starting the following year.

Please read the articles of association prior to making an application.

by Fax / e-mail / Post

Application Form (PDF)
Fax: +81-(0)3-5276-8733
e-Mail: membership(at)

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