Membership Benefits

The AHK Japan offers its members various benefits on the basis of a voluntary membership. Members have access to a variety of services offered, such as various working groups, regular seminars regarding Human Resources, Tax and Law as well as other topics. The members only premium event series Executive Insights also provides access to influential VIP speakers on a regular basis.  

Additionally, the AHK Japan organizes several regular social events with up to 400 participants which are a great opportunity to entertain guests and customers: The German Asparagus Dinner, Wine Festival and Christmas Dinner are hosted on an annual basis in Tokyo and Osaka. 

You also receive a 20% discount on various other services of the AHK Japan, such as consulting services (business partner matching, market research etc.) and advertising opportunities.

A detailed explanation of our membership categories and benefits can be found here:

Official Membership Flyer of AHK Japan