How to minimize the risk of radiation exposure

1. With the distance between Tokyo and the Fukushima atomic power plant, it is not expected that concentration of radioactive iodine in the air will reach a level that would justify the use of iodine medication. It is therefore strictly discouraged to take iodine medication without medical rescription because side effects outweigh the expected advantages (the reduction of intake of radioactive substances to the thyroid gland).

2. Protection against intake of radioactive particles from the air:

a. If a radioactive cloud passes by, stay inside the house, close windows and doors, air ventilation should be cut off, but only for a short time in order to ensure enough fresh air.

b. If you have to stay outside for any reason, wear a face mask. If possible, put on single-use overcoat or protective clothing and shoes.

c. Protect your head by wearing a hat or cap.

d. Strictly separate clean from contaminated things in different areas of the place you occupy like your house or office, etc...

e. Wash your hands after changing clothes or before preparing or eating food - this will help minimize the intake of radioactive substances. The use of single-use towels is recommended.

f.  Avoid taking objects from outside into the house. If unavoidable, clean carefully before.

g. Do not swim or bath in open water and don't use water from such sources.

h. Do not hang clothes outside.

3. Protection against intake of radioactive substances from contaminated food:

a. Keep bottled water at hand. Food in closed or sealed containers is not contaminated. The only danger of radioactive substances comes from contact with the outside of contaminated packages or containers. Take utmost care about cleanliness.

b. Keep instant food at hand.

(Quelle: TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.)