Business climate survey: German Business in Japan 2016 (English)

International companies that seek to start business in Asia often pursue strategies focussing on attractive growth rates of 6% or more in emerging markets, which do, without any doubt, demand attention. Japan does not fit into this pattern – but what G7 country does or demonstrates the dynamics that can be compared with those in many Asian countries? The business climate survey that has been conducted for the first time in 2016 sheds new light on the Japanese market.

The top management of German companies in Japan evaluated not only the future development of the local economy but also provided detailed information on their individual business performance. Furthermore the survey shows major opportunities and risks of doing business in Japan. The results clearly show that Japan is a unique business location of strategic value.

The study was designed and executed in cooperation with the Germany Trade and Invest. It addressed 348 German firms. As 94 of them answered, a representative response rate of 27% was achieved. 

PDF version for download:
Business climate survey: German Business in Japan 2016 (English)

May 2016