DEinternational – your path to success in Japanese business

 Japan is a land of records: the world’s third largest free economy, one of the main competitors for German business throughout the world, a market with almost unparalleled purchasing power, and a global leader in research and innovation. A land which should be in the focus of German companies, one should think.

The reality, however, appears somewhat different. The Japanese market actually receives scant attention, and many market opportunities are wasted, largely due to ignorance, cultural and communicational barriers.

Is Japan really such a difficult market to reach? Are existing obstacles really insurmountable? The successes of German businesses in Japan show quite clearly that this is not the case.

Adapting to unfamiliar rules of play demands a high level of investment, patience and especially flexibility. But in this sense Japan is no longer essentially different from other markets. Nonetheless, thorough preparation is more crucial in Japan than elsewhere. This means getting to know the market and its characteristics and minimizing possible risks at the outset. This is achieved most effectively by associating with a strong, experienced partner who knows the territory and can introduce you to valuable contacts in the Japanese business world: that partner is DEinternational.


  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your business and your needs
  • Excellent business connection
  • Impartiality
  • Our reputation as a German organisation inspires more trust among Japanese businesses and clients than an unknown foreign business.



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