Business in Japan

DEinternational offers:

Sending publicity information about your business to selected, potential business partners, followed by evaluation and feedback service by our experts.

active involvement in initial contact, assistance with business presentation, translation if necessary, followed by coordinating the steps towards building the partnership. 

Market Entry

The first steps in entering a new market. Are your product and your business profile suitable for the Japanese market? What are the chances of placing your product or your service successfully? The best route to success is to convince those who convince the market. You must find these business partners and select the best of them – dealers, sales engineers, or sales agents. This is where we can help, because next to technical qualifications, local characteristics are a highly decisive factor. And these may seem thoroughly strange to you. But not to us. You will be most convinced, however, when your potential partner wins over their compatriots, that is to say your customers.

Locating local winners together - contact us and talk to one of our Japan specialists. We look forward to presenting you with a service package specific to your needs.



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