Recruiting in Japan

Japan’s severe economic crisis in the 90s led to a transformation in the employment structure of Japanese businesses. The trend has moved away from the traditional principle of fixed, lifetime employment towards flexible employment structures. Old established practices have become gradually weakened in the wake of global alignment. This new thinking has opened up the Japanese labour market, and creates better chances for foreign companies to attract highly qualified Japanese employees. Nonetheless, recruiting in Japan often presents difficulties for foreign firms, particularly when the search is on for people with special skills and knowledge of English.

Japan’s currently favourable economic situation and the further expectations of an upswing are reflected in the labour market. Qualified specialists are in high demand, and they therefore frequently have the possibility of choosing from several firm, attractive job offers. Foreign businesses, new to Japan and with an unfamiliar name, are at a disadvantage in this heightened competition, because if there is any doubt, capable candidates will prefer the secure position of a well-known Japanese firm.

In finding personnel, it is recommended therefore to call upon experienced specialists. Several recruitment agencies and head-hunters offer their services in Japan.




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