Getting started in a foreign market like Japan – especially for small and medium-sized businesses - may not be the easiest thing. Limited financial and personnel capacity, language barriers, high rents and complex bureaucracy can make the search for a suitable office difficult. This is where the AHK Japan can help you.

If you want to start your business successfully, you have to be present in Japan. To build and maintain good and valuable contacts, meeting with potential business partners in person is necessary. However, finding a suitable office for the first steps can be time consuming and difficult to manage from abroad. Normally, leases are long-termed and not flexible to your needs. Rents in prestigious and representative areas are high and language barriers as well as bureaucracy can present itself as a major hurdle.

The AHK Japan can help you solve these problems with its Office-in-Office solution.

Our Incubation Office with flexible rental periods and a central location is a great place to start your business in Japan. Due to plug-in working spaces you can start working right away. With its good access to transport, you are in close proximity to central business districts, where Japanese Companies’ headquarters are located. A prestigious company address will underline your reliability.

Furthermore, the AHK Japan will support you in all matters regarding your new business in Japan.

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