Recycling of retail packaging and electric waste in Europe – Representation of Landbell AG started in Japan

In Germany, manufacturers and distributors of transport and retail packaging are required to take back the packages of their products after use and recycle them as outlined in the Ordinance on the Avoidance and recovery of Packaging Wastes. As this applies to all packaging that enters the German market, Japanese companies that export to Germany are also subject to this regulation. To comply with the German ordinance, companies should use the services of one of the nine providers of the “dual system” in Germany.

In order to provide Japanese companies an easier access, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan has started as official representative of Landbell AG in Japan from January 1, 2017. Landbell AG is one of the providers of the “dual system” in Germany.

Landbell AG acts as a proxy for Japanese companies that export their products to Germany, taking care of all obligations resulting from the regulation. It also offers the Landbell Easy-Shop, which is a fast, simple and cost-effective online collection and disposal service.

In 2014, the European Recycle Platform (ERP) has become part of Landbell AG. Thanks to the merger, Landbell AG now offers its services not only for packaging materials, but also for used electrical appliances and waste batteries in 30 countries.

Advantages of Landbell AG’s service:

·         All-in-on solution for packaging of products from all industries
·         Cost-efficient services
·         Long-term price guarantee
·         Professional collection, disposal and recycling
·         Transparent billing
·         Compliance and certification of proper recycling
·         Comprehensive service and consulting


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