Market Information

DEinternational offers:

Based on our local knowledge and experience, this is a thorough and carefully-structured compilation of concrete answers to the most frequently-asked questions. DEinternational also offers MARKET PROFILE as a comparative study between countries. You tell us the target destination and we collate the information from our world-wide network.

When you want to know more, we produce an individual, sector-specific, highly current documentation according to jointly established criteria. With this you will get to know your competitors and potential partners, and will be able to approach the Japanese market strategically and expertly.

Do you want to know what’s going on in the Japanese market? Japanese companies are information-friendly, and are very keen to announce their newest developments in the Japanese press. So that you don’t miss any of these valuable and time-sensitive announcements, we will collate them fully in accordance with your wishes and your criteria.


Perhaps you are still not sure whether Japan really is the right target market for your product? Maybe you feel that other countries in Asia offer better chances of success, make more strategic sense, or present fewer risks? Before you start business operations in Japan, we strongly recommend a market study in order to understand

  • the economic, political, legal and social realities of the Japanese market
  • the opportunities and risks of a business commitment in Japan regardless of whether you are buying, selling, assembling, or are bringing in services.

DEinternational knows what entrepreneurs must know at the outset to judge the viability of a commitment to Japan.



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