Trade Shows

DEinternational offers:

Locate business partners, verify addresses, arrange meetings, prepare a brief market research

Provide personnel for the stand, organise on-site seminars

Follow-up of your contacts, credit references

Presenting at and visiting specialist trade shows is a long-proven way to make an impression and establish business contacts in overseas markets. Trade shows in Japan, however, sometimes follow other rules from those with which you may be familiar in Europe.

The careful analysis of the show’s objective and the appropriate selection of the show, as well as comprehensive preparation of one’s presentation at the show, are much more important in Japan than elsewhere for a successful participation. It is not uncommon for the inexperienced and unprepared newcomer who does not consider this to be turned away immediately from the Japanese market by their early trade show experiences. It is a tragic error to give up on a huge and profitable market in the early stages simply because of insufficient knowledge of the rules of the game.

Take our tip: do not rely on an impressive trade show presence alone to make enough of the right people aware of your products. In Japan it is crucial to make contacts before the show and to issue specific invitations to potential clients. DEinternational can provide a thorough trade show preparation for you, as well as the equally important follow-up. We can prepare a trade show management package completely in accordance with your requirements.



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