Mitglieder der AHK Japan haben die Möglichkeit verschiedenen Arbeitsgruppen beizutreten. Die verschiedenen Arbeitsgruppen treffen sich meist quartalsweise und bieten Industrievertretern die Möglichkeit relevante und aktuelle Themen zu diskutieren sowie Erfahrungsträger und Experten einzuladen.

Falls nicht anders ausgewiesen, ist die Arbeitssprache der Arbeitsgruppen Englisch.

Die folgenden Arbeitsgruppen treffen sich regelmäßig zum Austausch:

Finance Roundtable

The German Finance Roundtable is a working group for CFOs and other finance experts.

It is a meeting opportunity aiming at a broad exchange of knowledge and experience within the realms of the German-Japanese business world. Main focus are the general topics of Corporate Compliance, Information Technology & Security, Business Efficiency, HR, Accounting and Controlling.

Chaired by:

Hans-Peter Musahl
Ernst & Young Tax Co.

Healthcare Roundtable

The Healthcare Roundtable is open to all industry representatives that are providing health care services and products. 

With the Japanese Healthcare sector experiencing rapid growth due to an demographic changes and consumer demand, a number of issues arise as a result of this change. The Healthcare Roundtable provides an interactive and dynamic platform for industry representatives to bring up and discuss important and trending healthcare topics. It is a platform that strives to keep healthcare industry specialists informed and updated on all the latest issues and news.

Chaired by:

Holger Klein
President & Representative Director
Dräger Medical Japan Ltd.

Dr. Richard Schill
Corporate Officer, Aesculap Division
B. Braun Aesculap Japan Co., Ltd.

Human Resources Roundtable

The role of HR Managers is manifold. They engage in hiring, development of employees, and understand the labor laws of the different countries. The Human Resources Roundtable is a platform for these professionals to discuss new ideas on how to meet the challenges of regulations and development of employees.

Chaired by:

Martin Hertle
General Manager, Human Resources
Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd.

Dr. Florian Kirschner

Shachokai (Japanese Language)

Japanese speaking CEOs and representatives are welcome to join the Shachokai - our Japanese language working group.

Many Japanese Managers of foreign companies face difficulties communicating with the headquarters issues concerning the business policies or local questions on law or human resources. As a supporting organization the AHK Japan offers this platform for its Japanese speaking members to exchange experiences, information and opinions on these topics and broaden their business networks.

The shachokai is open for all nationalities but fluency in Japanese is a must.

Chaired by:

Yuriko Akiyama
President, Representative Director
USM U. Schaerer Sons K.K.

Shinzo Yotsumoto
Managing Director
Representative Director
Schaeffler Japan Co.,Ltd.

Young Leaders Forum

The Young Leaders Forum is a platform for young professionals (up to 40) within the AHK Japan network. Everyone who wants to expand their network in the German-Japanese business community is welcome.

We regularly meet for roundtables with external speakers, networking events and other social activities.

Chaired by:

Markus Baron
President, Representative Director
SGL CARBON Japan Co., Ltd.

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