Executive Insights: Japan's Policy towards the Middle East

The first Executive Insights of 2017 on February 24 had the honor to welcome Mr. Takeshi Nakane, Former Ambassador to Germany, as a speaker on the topical issue of “Japan’s Policy towards the Middle East”.

On the 51st floor of the Roppongi Hills Club the participants were not only able to enjoy a sensational view on Tokyo, but also a well-balanced menu deriving from a Japanese-German crossover kitchen.

Having experienced German politics as an ambassador in Germany as well as working in an environment concerned with the area of Middle East earlier in his career, Mr. Nakane provided a detailed insight in the current problematics Japan and Germany are facing in the Middle East region.

Apart from an economic dependency in terms of energy resources such as oil and gas on the side of Japan, Mr. Nakane also highlighted the political challenge of a military intervention for Germany.

He also mentioned the current tensions deriving from US President Trump’s announcements threatening delicate diplomatic agreements achieved under his predecessor, such as the Iranian nuclear agreement or Israel-Palestinian peace negotiations. Japan, Mr. Nakane says, will continue to pursue a peace oriented and dialogue based policy to promote the construction of a broader middle-class as the foundation for extremist-resilient and stable societies in the Middle East.