Executive Insights: The Challenges of HR Leadership and People Management in a Global Organisation

AHK Japan had the pleasure to welcome Ms. Shirley Anderson, Chief Human Resources Officer of Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd. (NSG) as a speaker to the first Executive Insights of 2018.

NSG (founded in 1918) acquired the leading UK-based glass manufacturer Pilkington plc in June 2006. Today, the Company has combined sales of JPY 580.8 billion, with manufacturing operations on four continents and sales in over 100 countries, employing some 30,000 people worldwide.

Ms. Anderson described the challenges of HR Leadership and people management in a global and multi-cultural organization as well as lessons learned from mistakes and best practices.

One of the most interesting facts of the event was a comparison between expectations of Japanese and UK employees. People from the United Kingdom believe to be responsible for their own career and have their first leadership role by the end of 20 at the latest. Their Japanese colleagues expect to spend their professional life at NSG and have their first leadership experience in their late 30s at the earliest.