The Healthcare Roundtable of AHK Japan was guest at B. Braun Aesculap Japan’s offices on April 18

21 participants gathered to learn more about „Multi‐Sector Collaborations in Healthcare”:

Health is of the highest importance and should be priority number one for individuals, nations, and government, yet everyone struggles to manage due to its complexity, diversity, and sensitivity. The question of “Medical Cost vs Patient Value” may not always be in sync for individuals and for care providers/the commercial industry, and government priorities may also be different from what is aspired by individuals, care providers, or corporations.

While definitive diagnosis, precision medicine, and innovation in pharma, devices, and ICT continue to be the key focus areas, “prevention” has become an equally essential aspect when addressing complex and diverse medical/healthcare challenges.

Many discussions and endeavors around Healthcare IT assert its effectiveness in managing those challenges, yet one thing we should not forget is that digitalization, including Artificial Intelligence, alone will not solve problems entirely in the real world.

The challenges that Japan faces are so complex, diverse, and sensitive that this endeavor should not be limited to individual corporations, industries or countries. Cross-industry/country collaborations are required to successfully take on and master the challenges.

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