IBPC Osaka was established to attract domestic and foreign investment to Osaka City as part of international economic promotion programs of the Osaka Municipal Government.
The mission of the Center is to promote the city's advantages as a destination of investment through the global network of the Business Partner City (BPC*), as well as to offer extensive support services to potential incoming businesses; matchmaking with potential business partners in Osaka, information about investment incentives, temporary offices, and much more.
IBPC Osaka manages and operates International Exhibition Center INTEX OSAKA in addition to support business interaction and economic promotion between home and abroad.

* BPC: Since 1988, the Osaka Municipal Government has promoted partnership with other cities through the Business Partner Cities (BPC) program, forming an economic network in the dynamic Asian-Pacific region. So far, Osaka and thirteen other leading cities have joined the network.

Osaka International Business Promotion Center

1-5-102 Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0034
phone 06-6615-7130
fax 06-6615-5518

Tetsuro Nagai, President
Kenjiro Mori, International Affairs Dept. Section Manager