The Shizen Energy Group, who's goal is to create the world with 100% renewable energy, is able to undertake all processes & needs  required for the establishment of renewable energy power plant and renewable power supply by the companies who are committing building the sustainable society.

-Development, fundraising, EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction), Operation and maintenance (O&M) of solar, wind, small hydroelectric and the other renewable energy power plants. Holding and operating owned solar power plants. 

-Power supply to companies and individuals.

'Changing the World with Energy'

Sun, Wind, Water, Green and Earth.

Nature's blessings on our planet carry great potentials of energy but remain unutilized. We aim to unleash their potentials by using latest technologies and by efficiently transforming them into renewable energies. And our effort does not end with just creating energy. Carefully considering what lies at the end of energy we create, everything from people's lifestyles to local industries, and thinking of not only ways to create renewable energy but also how people and industries can best use our energy. With our vision "Changing the World with Energy," our business strives to create energy for future all over the world, across countries.

Shizen Energy Inc.

Hongo Fuji Bldg. 2-3F
4-9-22 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0033

Ken Isono, Representative Director
Riko Sato, Power Retail Sales
Yoshimi Funatsu, Power Retail Sales