Toho Technical Service Co. Ltd.

Company Introduction

In 1987 Toho Technical Service Co. Ltd. was established by separation of the fabrication Division of Toho Titanium Co. Ltd, in order to focus on Titanium fabrication business.

It is our mission to pursue the infinite possibility of titanium by our expertise accumulated for decades.

Toho Technical Service Co. is supported by many customers due to solving user problems and offering reliable quality and technique.

About Our Additive Manufacturing Business and Products

Toho Technical Service Co., Ltd. manufactures high-quality Ti-powder made from high quality sponge Titanium or cut chips of pure Titanium.

Both of Ti powder and hydrogenated powder begins with hydrogenating Ti material, with the hydrogenated material embrittled, and non-dehydrogenated powder is hydrogenated powder.

We have developed high-purity 64 alloy Ti powder (Ti6Al4V) for Additive Manufacturing and make it possible to supply a low level of oxygen content by cutting fine powder. Excellent flowability and desirable oxygen content are achieved by optimum blending of spherical and dehydrogenated powders.