Sep 10

Geopolitical Changes and Populism in Germany & Europe

"Motto Doitsu!" Special Event


Mr. Toru Kumagai │ Journalist

CV (Japanese)


About the Event:

Latest developments demonstrated that right-wing populist forces have continued to gain power in Europe. In the 2016 UK referendum, Brexit supporters have triumphed and Italy witnessed a populist party coming to power. In 2017 an emerging right-wing party joined the German parliament for the first time and was able to secure a seat in every state legislature. Furthermore, the European Parliament elections last May re-emphasized once more how serious Europe is drifting apart. Conservative as well as centrally positioned parties suffered significant losses in the election, whereas environmentally aware and parties supporting the free market economy gained in popularity. Even though this election prevented the right-wing populist parties from making a major leap forward, it also means that the administrative management of the EU will become more challenging in the future.
Former NHK journalist, Toru Kumagai, who has been living in Germany for 29 years, reports on the economic impacts of the major geopolitical changes in Europe.


15:00 - 16:30 Keynote
16:30 - 17:00 Q&A


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