Oct 31

German Music Industry Meets Japan

Business matching event with German and Japanese music companies

According to the data of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the German music industry market is the fourth largest in the world and the largest music market in the European Union. Many people may think of the traditional classical music at first. In fact, classical music accounts only 2,5 % of the German sales. Various kinds of music, such as pop, rock and hip hop is popular in the German market and in recent years, J-Pop and Anime Songs have been heard as well. From this point of view, the German market is an attractive field and a new frontier for the Japanese music industry.

As part of the overseas business subsidy program by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, 8 music related companies will come to Japan to present solutions and possibilities of the German music industry, which might lead to new discussions and cooperation. We would be very happy if this event could build new relations between Germany and Japan.

Participating Companies


Sounds of Subterrania!

Redlionmusic: Tour and Festivalbooking over Europe

BEWAKE STUDIOS: at the heart of it all Mesanic Music

DoKomi AkibaDreams GmbH

German Wahnsinn

R.O.T respectortolerate Artistkollektiv ( production, management, publishing )




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