Oct 30

Storytelling: Win New Business, Engage Your Clients

Speaker: Dr. Greg Story, President of Dale Carnegie Training Japan

About the Event

Storytelling sounds simple

How hard can this be? We were all raised on stories as children, right?

However, cast your mind back to this last year of business presentations you have heard. How many business speakers were excellent storytellers, really got you engaged?

How many really brought you into their brand, ideas, recommendations through telling powerful stories?

The answer is probably zero or at best, very, very few.

We know through neuroscientific research that we absorb information best through stories. Neuroimaging scans light up when we connect our emotions and experiences with the story being told.

Well, knowing this and standing up in front of an audience and delivering key points through great stories are different universes.

In this presentation Dr. Greg Story will cover how to

  • Learn the key business stories
  • Learn critical elements of storytelling for impact
  • Perfect the techniques you need to be an effective storyteller
  • Learn the powerful narrative arc of the Three Minute Story
  • Learn the secret of making a dynamite One Minute Story using the Magic formula

Speaker's official website: https://www.dalecarnegie.com/en

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