"JAPANMARKT" offers extensive information in German on the most important themes in Japan, in print and online.

Business Magazine

  • The only German language business magazine with a specific focus on Japan
  • Analyses of various topics in economics, politics and society
  • Interviews and articles from Japanese and German experts and specialist media 


  • Published quarterly
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Digital and print subscription
  • Also available as a single issue
  • Special conditions for members
  • Registration for the online offers on JAPANMARKT.de

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News Portal

  • Daily updates on Japanese business, politics and society
  • Current information on job openings
  • Access to the online services of the magazine and to the newsletter JAPANMARKT.telegramm

Website (only in German)


  • Every Thursday: selected themes in Japanese economics and society from German newspapers
  • Information on job openings

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