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Current Position Wanted Profiles

[1103] German, Branding & Communications

Education:Continuing Education in Graphic Design, Japanese design school 
Continuing Education in Communications and Branding, American university 
Master of Japanese Studies, German university
Bachelor of Japanese Studies and Media Studies, German university
Work Experience:Communications Supervisor, covering internal/external communications in English and Japanese (incl. design, advertisement, translation, press contact, writing articles, project management), global company (4th year)
Media Researcher covering Japan/DACH, global news agencies (project-related)
Industrial Clerk, global manufacturer (3 years)
Language Skills:German (native), Japanese (business level), English (business level)
IT Skills:Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, CMS, MS Office, Windows/Mac OS
Desired Position and Location:Fellow member of a creative team, e.g. graphic designer or web/UI designer, based in Japan
Others:6th year business experience exclusively in second languages 
Design in conformity with corporate design regulations
Proofreading, typography, photography, writing internal/external articles
Strong communication skills
Working visa until end of 2020

[1102] German, Master of Engineering, Precision Engineering

Education:Master of Engineering, Precision Engineering HAWK Göttingen
Bachelor of Engineering, Precision Engineering HAWK Göttingen
Apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic
Work Experience:At the moment Service Engineer for Asia, installing of laser and optic systems at customer site in China and Japan (1 Year)
Design and construction of flexo printing units with Autodesk Inventor (1,5 Years)
Design and construction of a physical measurement unit with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and PTC Creo (7 Month)
Internship SAP (1 Month)
Language Skills:German(native), English (business), Japanese (JLPT N4 level, currently attending Japanese class, two times language study in Japan)
IT Skills: Microsoft Office, Oracle, SAP
Desired Position and Location:Greater Tokyo

[1101] German, Master of Arts, Modern Japanese Studies

Education:Master of Arts in Modern Japanese Studies, University of Duesseldorf (including short-term studies at University of the Ryukyus & Osaka University) 
Vocational Education as Audio-Visual Media Technician, Vocational School in Dortmund
Work Experience: IT Helpdesk in Bochum, Germany (Public Hospital, 1 year)
Audio-Visual Media Technician in Dortmund, Germany (Event Company, 3 years)
Trainee for Technology Monitoring in Kawasaki, Japan (Automobile Manufacturer, 6 months)
Technical Sales in Tokyo, Japan (Gas Supply Equipment Manufacturer, 3 years)
Voluntary work experience at Entertainment related events & exhibitions
Language Skills:German (native), English (fluent, using everyday), Japanese (business, using everyday)
IT Skills: Daily workflow in MS Windows & MS Office
Basic workflow in Audio, Video & Image editing
Adobe basics (Acrobat, Photoshop & Premiere)
CMS (Typo3, Wordpress & basic HTML)
PC Hardware & Software Installations
Desired Position and Location:Assistance for Business, Projects or Management in any German (or other foreign) company in Japan or in any Japan-related company in Germany (or within EU)
Overseas/Domestic Business Trips OK, Events/Exhibitions OK, "Hands-On" work on products OK
Others:Working Visa in Japan valid until 25.11.2020 (Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services), Currently under contract until 31.03.2019 in Tokyo

[1003] German, Master of Education, Physics

Education:Master of Education physics, Master of Education in physics and mathematics, Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin)
Bachelor of Science physics, Bachelor of Science physics and mathematics with a teacher training component, Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin)
Work Experience:Student Assistant for experimental physics lectures (i.e. preparation, testing and documentation of experiments, 5 1/2 years as part-time job).
Language Skills: German (native language), English, Japanese (N3), Latin (qualification in Latin)
IT Skills:Microsoft Office, Python
Desired Position and Location:I am looking for a job in a German or international corporation in Tokyo or Yokohama in the field of physics (for example as Physicist). Aside from teaching jobs, a connection to education would be good, but is not necessary.
Others:The master degree does not equal to a teaching license. I have lived in Japan for half a year to complete a practical course at a German school.

[1002] Japanese, Back-office operation

Education:- Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, College of Asia Pacific Studies, specialised in International Relations
- United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office Diplomatic Academy, completed all courses
Work Experience:- Public Relations, as Intern at the International organisations at United Nations University Tokyo, 1 year
- Japanese Educational Company, Sales Representative, 1.5 year
- British Embassy Tokyo, English and Japanese Bilingual receptionist and office operation support, 1.5 year
Language Skills:- TOEIC 900
- Eiken English STEP Test: 1st Degree (Highest level of English language degree in Japan)
- Korean Conversation
- French DELF A1
IT Skills:MS Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Access, ERP System(SAP), Wordpress, Ilustlator, Photoshop
Desired Position and Location:Back-office operation, Kanagawa, Yokohama, Atsugi, Yamato
Others:Possible date of starting work: April, 2019

[1001] Japanese, LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)

Education:LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws), Chuo University, Tokyo
Career experience:System Engineer, involving in design, operation and maintenance of systems at an IT Company in Japan since April 2017. Internship in a law office of a German lawyer, Tokyo for three months
Study abroad:Study in the faculty of law at a university in Germany for one year
Qualifications:2nd grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management (administration), The CCI Japan Business Law Examination, Grade 2 Certified, The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping, Basic Grade
Languages:Japanese (mother tongue), German (Diplom Deutsch in Japan “Oberstufe”, Grade Pre-1) , English (TOEIC 890, Grade Pre-1 of The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency)
IT skills:MS Office
Desired type of position and location:Search for a job having connections with Germany in Germany or Japan

[0901] German, IT

Career experience:Several years of work experience in data canters of globally operating companies in Tokyo;
planning/designing, building and maintaining / troubleshooting of network infrastructure and servers (hard- and software); including cloud services.
Languages:German (native), English (business) and Japanese (basic; currently attending Japanese class)
IT skills:Windows, macOS, Linux, MS Office, network technologies, hard- and software
Desired type of position and location:IT management, system administration or support / help desk for a German, Japanese or international company | 
Tokyo area (including Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba); open for other regions in Japan as well as business trips.
Visa:spouse visa; good until 6/2020; currently living in Tokyo

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