German Chamber Talent Café

With the German Chamber Talent Café, the AHK Japan provides a platform for recruiters and candidates to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Here globally active companies meet talented people, who are just starting out or developing their career further.

Cultural differences and demographic changes make successful recruitment in Japan a complicated process for German and internationally minded companies. To support globally active companies the AHK Japan established the German Chamber Talent Café. The format gives recruiters the chance to meet and directly engage with highly qualified (mid-career) candidates or interested students.

German Chamber Talent Café for Students


During wintertime, the German Chamber Talent Café takes place at Waseda University in Tokyo.

Students of all universities, faculties and age ranges are invited to the half-day event, to meet and interact directly with representatives from globally minded corporations. Students can introduce themselves and learn directly from the companies about available job opportunities, the company atmosphere and anything else they would like to know. The company representatives also take part in a podium discussion and clearly present their companies' special characteristics.

Generally, professional speakers are also invited to talk about themes of relevance to the German-Japanese business world.

Facts and Figures

In 2016, a total of twelve globally active companies and 220 students took part in the German Chamber Talent Café at Waseda University. The following year, the figure was 13 companies and 136 students.

In the questionnaires completed after the Talent Café, over 80 percent of the companies planned to take part in next year’s Talent Café. Similarly, over 80 percent of the students said the Talent Café stimulated their interest in working for a German company.


Some comments from companies present at German Chamber Talent Café:

  • "We do not usually have the chance to speak to students who are interested in working for a German company. For this reason, we recommend this event as essential. In addition, the special seminar was very well attended, and in the podium discussion afterwards the students could learn a lot about our company."
  • "There were more students with science backgrounds than we expected."
  • "Our space and the organisation were excellent."

What the students had to say about the German Chamber Talent Café:

  • "The special seminar had a lot of German-Japanese comparisons and personal experiences which I found very interesting."
  • "I have come to understand what I want to do in the future."
  • "It would have been better if the event was a bit longer. I found the Café space very pleasant."

German Chamber Talent Café for Mid-Careers


In summer, the German Chamber Talent Café enables recruiters and mid-career candidates to meet and learn about each other. The Talent Café takes place at the AHK Japan offices in Tokyo. In addition to personal talks between participant companies and visitors, there are seminars and presentations by professional speakers and companies on career-relevant themes such as cultural and professional topics. 

Employees of the AHK Japan are on hand before, during and after the event, and are pleased to answer any questions or provide further information.

Facts and Figures

When the German Chamber Talent Café started in 2016, nine globally active companies and 193 visitors participated over four days. In 2017, the Talent Café was held over two days and attracted again nine companies and 122 visitors.

In the questionnaires completed at the end of the event, the majority of the participating companies expressed interest in participating in the Talent Café again, while 90 percent of the visitors said that they would recommend it.


Some comments from companies present at the German Chamber Talent Café:

  • "We had more suitable candidates than we expected."
  • "We could hold the interviews in a very relaxed atmosphere. The candidates were also relaxed, and could speak in a very natural and unforced manner."
  • "We could meet and talk to people whom we would not normally have interviewed."
  • "Helpful management and staff of the AHK Japan made everything smooth and successful."

What visitors had to say about German Chamber Talent Café:

  • "Good organisation, good service, good people."
  • "It provides a good possibility to root out job opportunities, as different companies take part."
  • "Although it did not result in any new discussions with the firms present, it was a good opportunity for me to talk to the companies directly."