The German-Japanese Energy Dialogue

Germany and Japan face similar challenges in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. This is why the AHK Japan works closely with its partners to further the German-Japanese energy dialogue – an initiative by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) intended as a platform for bringing together experts from both sides. The AHK Japan actively promotes this exchange by organising meetings and events as well as commissioning reports and studies.

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The Goals of the Energy Dialogue

Germany strongly depends on the import of raw materials for energy. At the same time, the country is vigorously pursuing its triple energy objective of reducing greenhouse gases, promoting renewables and increasing energy efficiency. To achieve this objective, the BMWi cooperates internationally in the field of energy policy and through this is able to build reliable, durable energy relations with partner countries.

The Energy Dialogue aims to simplify communication and define common goals by fostering regular exchange between governments, institutions and stakeholders on central issues and common challenges of energy policy.

Japan's Energy Policy

Since 2011, Japan's energy industry has been under keen international scrutiny. Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the government ordered all nuclear reactors in Japan be taken off the grid. Imports of raw materials have risen sharply to meet the demand, increasing Japan's energy dependence. Since then, Japan has only been able to meet around seven percent of its energy needs using its own resources.

Consequently, renewable energy and improved energy efficiency have come to the forefront of Japan's energy policy as the country seeks to create a stable, affordable, and above all independent energy mix. The modernisation of the energy infrastructure, the digitalisation of the energy sector and the integration of the rapidly increasing share of various forms of renewable energy have also become more relevant, presenting Japan with similar challenges to those faced by Germany.

Activities within the Framework of the Energy Dialogue

Experts Meetings

The bilateral meetings are exclusive sessions between experts from Germany and Japan at the political, economic and scientific level, addressing specifically selected current themes of energy politics and economics.

Despatch of Experts

Despatching experts in energy policy as speakers at specialist events, trade fairs or conferences in Japan is designed to improve understanding and acceptance of energy transition and of Germany's approach to energy policy.

Study Tours

Expert study tours between Germany and Japan provide an opportunity for participants from politics, business and science to evaluate the current development and status of technology of the partner country though a wide-ranging programme of site visits and discussions, and lead to first contact with relevant stakeholders.

Bilateral Events

Organising major bilateral events offers the opportunity to present German and Japanese strategies and technologies, services and products to a specialist audience of trade and energy industry experts. It also creates a platform for exchange between experts in the subject matter.

Briefings and Market Studies

Background studies and briefings on individual areas of energy policy are created on a regular basis in order to deepen the understanding of the approach to energy policy in Japan and Germany and the measures taken.


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