Company Introduction

K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) is specialized in introducing technically sophisticated capital goods and technologies to the Japanese market just like in complex project management for the local industrial customers in Japan. The company was founded in 1859 in Dejima-Nagasaki. On the K.K. IRISU´s customer list some famous names can be found: Yukichi Fukuzawa whose portrait is depicted on the 10,000 Japanese Yen note and who once bought dictionaries from the predecessor of K.K. IRISU, important feudal families of the late Edo period, as well as Yataro Iwasaki (founder of Mitsubishi Corp.). As the nucleus of the ILLIES GROUP, K.K. IRISU has been providing and provides also today cutting-edge technologies from overseas to Japan and is substantially involved in the country’s modernization and “Monozukuri”.

After the headquarters of the company was relocated in 1898 to Hamburg, Germany, today the ILLIES GROUP is still family owned and managed by the fifth generation of Illies.

About Our Additive Manufacturing Business and Products

K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) supplies and services a wide-range of technologies related to 3D printing & scanning, paper converting, automotive, aircraft and aerospace, food, rubber processing industries as well as quality assurance systems and technical materials. As an experienced sales partner K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) enables you to enter the Japanese market. Sophisticated capital goods require competent and reliable consultancy and efficient after-sales support. At the same time, the highly competitive Japanese market demands profound market knowledge and effective local presence.

As a sales partner K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) provides you with these essential capabilities. Together with a dependable portfolio of well-known partners and suppliers K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) offers you the complete range of services focused on comprehensive marketing and project management aimed at industries that are growing sustainably. The company’s expert team adapts to your specific requirements and guarantees success through a synthesis of market knowledge, extensive experience, commitment and regional branches.

At present, K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) is among the pioneers in Additive Manufacturing in Japan offering its customers cutting-edge 3D solutions. The company’s 3D experts help you to analyze, understand, define and optimize the process behind your Additive Manufacturing workflow. In order to understand the potential of Additive Manufacturing it is crucial to not only understand the technologies behind the processes but also their advantages and limitations.

There are many different 3D technology solutions covering each step of the Additive Manufacturing workflow — from design to the final part. However, whether the final part is a quick prototype or a functional part the general process does not change. But the parts built with 3D technology and the materials used have an impact on their characteristics and their application area.

Future Perspective and Expectation for German-Japanese Market

In order to meet and surpass the demands of various sectors and as one of the pioneers in the Additive Manufacturing in Japan K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) already works closely with some of the most advanced suppliers of professional 3D technologies for industrial solutions worldwide. Among these are BIGREP (Germany), Roboze (Italy), Shining3D (China), BotSpot (Germany), AIM3D (Germany), 3YOURMIND (Germany) and Trumpf (Germany).

According to a forecast published in February 2019 by NEDO (Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), the market for metal 3D printed parts will reach an amount of 2 trillion Yen by 2030. This technology enables the printing of various shapes and builds that were difficult to achieve using traditional processing methods. In the future it is expected that implementation will increase in the manufacturing sites of various fields and the markets for metal 3D printers, metal powder materials and 3D-printed products are predicted to expand. In total, by the year 2030 the 3D printer market size is expected to reach 650 billion Yen (5.3 times that of 2017, source: NEDO). Analyzing the supplier market NEDO currently refers to the German companies as “leading the market in 3D printing machines”.

Message for Visitors

As a long-term partner for the German industry K.K. IRISU (ILLIES) is providing intensive trainings and workshops in order to promote several different advanced 3D solutions in the Japanese market. The workshops are organized on a regular basis in the 3D Showroom at the IRISU building in Tokyo. During the workshops visitors can take a close look at the advantages of the 3D printing technology such as reduced production time, enhanced creativity and flexibility as well as ensured confidentiality during the production of new prototypes. With these advantages it is likely that 3D printers will change the shape of the manufacturing industry and factory floors around the world. Therefore, it appears that companies have no choice but to start embracing this technology.

Currently, Japan is lacking examples of 3D printing being used in the manufacturing industry. At IRISU we believe this is due to insufficient knowledge and places to learn about 3D printing which has led to comments such as “I would like to use it but I don’t know how” or “I can’t get a clear image of how to apply 3D printing to my business”. In order to fill this gap we invite you to visit our 3D Showroom where we will demonstrate for you an actual 3D printer and its working applications. We also hold seminars and one-on-one consultations with customers about how they can make use of 3D printing.

Contact us if you want to visit our 3D Showroom and experience a customized 3D printing implementation.