Metalpine GmbH

Company Introduction

The HTM group with headquarter in Fuerth, Germany, holds several producers of alloys and metal powders in Europe and worldwide:

Metalpine GmbH

Located in Graz in the south-east of Austria, Metalpine GmbH is a producer of spherical metal powders. With our in-house developed process (patent pending), high quality alloy powders are produced. Our production range covers various materials such as copper alloys, tool steels and stainless steels, nickel based alloys, titanium alloys and also molybdenum. In several production lines (including screens and classifiers), various grades for different applications (metal injection molding, powder bed fusion, hot isostatic pressing, etc.) can be produced.

Particle size distribution can be adjusted for any customer requirements.

htm Japan Co.

Based on production- and quality assurance- know-how of Tenryu plant (Hamamatsu city), htm Japan Co. is developing highly innovative aluminum powder to meet customer's highest demand. In addition, aluminum alloy ingots are supplied as well as various metal powders produced in htm group companies. With the motto "think globally, manage locally", we aim to contribute to Japanese economy.

non ferrum GmbH

non ferrum GmbH is a global company based in St. Georgen near Salzburg, Austria. As a specialist in magnesium and aluminum alloys, we have many years of experience in the manufacture of powders, granules, chips and alloy ingots.

We are constantly developing new materials with improved properties. Special alloys are the result of continual process-oriented development in our modern laboratories. With our high-performance materials we serve international customers, especially in the high-tech and automotive industries.

About Our Additive Manufacturing Business and Products

Metalpine GmbH produces spherical metal powders with perfect flowability for additive manufacturing applications. We are happy to supply small volumes at custom-made particle size distributions.

Our production capabilities include the following material groups:

  • Copper alloys (OF-Cu, CuCr1Zr, CuNi2SiCr)
  • Steels (tool steels, stainless steels, high temperature steels)
  • Nickel based alloys (Alloy 600, 625, 718, etc.)
  • Titanium Grades 1, 2, 5 and 23 (others on request)
  • Molybdenum
  • Other materials on request

Particle size distributions can be adjusted to special customer requirements. Our standard grades for additive manufacturing applications include

  • 10-30µm
  • 15-45µm
  • 20-63µm

Our small scale production lines in a spotlessly clean production environment guarantee a perfectly pure and contamination free product. Supported by University of Leoben (school of mining), continuous progress in material properties guarantees perfect customer support.

© Metalpine GmbH
Perfectly clean Production Environment at the new production facility of Metalpine GmbH in Graz, Austria.

Future Perspective and Expectation for German-Japanese Market

The emerging markets of additive manufacturing processes such as laser beam melting or powder injection molding cause high requirements on metal powder qualities. Low oxygen content, perfect sphericity and a narrow size distribution are the precondition for a high quality product made from these powders. Germany and Japan share the same vision of a digitalized production chain supposed to increase innovation speed and to make products lighter, more functional and simply “better”. With its innovative powder production processes combined with several decades of application experiences, the htm group will be able to contribute to the breakthtrough of the disruptive technologies of additive manufacturing in Europe and in Japan.

Message for Visitors

As a global producer of various metal alloys and powders, the HTM group is able to support customers in Japan via its production site in Hamamatsu and its office in Tokyo. We are happy to manufacture tailored powder size distributions on customer’s request made from a wide range of alloys. Visit us at our booth to discuss your requirements for metal powders with us!