Mitsui & Co. Machine Tech Ltd. / FIT Additive Manufacturing Group

Company Introduction

Mitsui & Co. Machine Tech Ltd. is the number one choice as a manufacturing partner for many Japanese companies.

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is one of the oldest and biggest European additive design and manufacturing providers. Now active in Japan for more than three years the German company has gained the trust of important Japanese companies.

Mitsui & Co. Machine Tech Ltd. and FIT Additive Manufacturing Group have formed a partnership to advance the usage of additive design and manufacturing in Japan.

About Our Additive Manufacturing Business and Products

In this collaboration we offer several services for Additive Design & Manufacturing (ADM):

  • ADM-T: Professional training courses for your engineering and manufacturing staff.
  • ADM-D: Application studies and clear recommendations for the implementation of your project.
  • ADM-E: Special software and engineering solutions for a perfect data model.
  • ADM-Q: Design adjustments or new design development and manufacturing service for one or a few required components.
  • ADM-V: Production strategy and associated production process development and reliable manufacturing of serial components.

Message for Visitors

We advise customers to approach the subject carefully and make major investments only after extensive consultation with us. Therefore we offer through this collaboration a broad and deep range of training, consulting, development, design and manufacturing services around 3D-Printing.