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Executive Insights with Jesper Koll (WisdomTree Japan)

Economic Outlook 2019


Mr. Jesper Koll, CEO of US Asset Manager WisdomTree Japan

About the Event:

Japan's economy is poised for much more than just positive growth surprises in 2019/20. As “Abenomics" matures into sustained private-led growth, Japan will become the envy of the world, a model case for a capitalist democracy where rising productivity, increasing shareholder returns and cutting-edge innovation go hand in hand with social stability, relative income equality and graceful aging. Too good to be true?

Learn why the new leaders of corporate Japan will out-compete global rivals, including China; how demographic destiny is not a negative but a powerful positive force for both domestic demand and innovation; why public debt, central bank action and regulatory change combine to create unprecedented industrial and corporate change; where your company can profit from Japan's structural up-turn; and what forces could disrupt and derail Japan's potential for prosperity.

Jesper Koll has been investing in Japan since becoming a resident in 1986. Over the past two decades, Jesper has been consistently ranked as one of the top Japan strategists/economists, having worked as Chief Strategist and Head of Research for major U.S. investment banks J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. His analysis and insights have earned him a position on several Japanese government advisory committees, including Tokyo Governor Koike's Tokyo Financial Center council. Jesper is one of the few non-Japanese members of the Keizai Doyukai, the Japan Association of Corporate Executives. He has written three books in Japanese and is a regular commentator in global and local media, like CNN, NHK, Nikkei etc. He was appointed CEO of US Asset Manager WisdomTree Japan in 2015 and serves as senior advisor to several US and Japanese multinational corporations.


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