Nov 20

TechBIZKON 2018: Artificial Intelligence

TechBIZKON AI: Dialogue between startup-ecosystems of Japan and German-speaking countries further deepens

Almost exactly one year ago, the AHK Japan initiated TechBIZKON as a platform to connect stakeholders of the startup-ecosystems of Japan, Germany, and other German-speaking countries.

In its second iteration, TechBIZKON – this time specifically focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) related technologies – has further grown. Jointly organized by AHK Japan, Advantage Austria Tokyo and Swiss Business Hub Japan, TechBIZKON AI was held on 20 November at dock-Toranomon of Creww Inc.

11 startups from Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland presented their AI-based business models in front of an audience of 130 participants, including investors, major news outlets, representatives from industry, government and academia. Fields covered by the startups ranged from chatbots and real-estate valuation and prediction to noise cancellation and facial recognition.

The winners of the pitch competition at TechBIZKON AI were decided by audience vote. The price for the best overall pitch received Edison AI Inc. for its social media analytics approach based on image recognition. As one of the winners of the pitch competition Edison AI Inc. will receive a booth at either the Hannover Messe or CEBIT in 2019 and a roundtrip flight to Germany.

In addition, the audience received best-practice examples from renowned experts from Germany and Japan about the process of establishing an AI-startup, both in terms of turning a technology into a successful business model as well as identifying funding opportunities.

TechBIZKON AI was kindly sponsored by Lufthansa Group, Bosch Corporation, Continental Automotive Corporation, Deutsche Messe, Austrian Business Agency, Global Incubator Network and Switzerland Global Enterprise.


The Startups

  • CACH Inc. (Japan) Wireless AI accelerometer
  • COGNITEE Inc. (Japan) Analytical tools for assessing sales talks, presentations, interviews, and other forms of communication quantitatively
  • E-bot7 (Germany) Automated customer service through AI 
  • Edison AI Inc. (Japan) Social media analytics using image recognition 
  • Evolve (Austria) Intelligent noise cancellation using AI 
  • Holo-Light (Germany) AI-based mixed reality infrastructure solutions
  • Holoeyes (Japan) Cutting-edge VR technology for communication in the healthcare profession
  • Mon Style / AskSophie (Austria) App for individualized fashion recommendation using AI 
  • MostlyAI (Austria) AI generates privacy-protected customer data by big data utilization 
  • NVISO SA (Switzerland) Deep learning application that understands humans: Face emotion and body pose recognition for finance, automotive and healthcare 
  • PriceHubble AG (Switzerland) AI applied to real estate valuation, predictions and visualization
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