Posting a Job Offer

You are looking for qualified employees? Take this chance to publish your job offer on our different media channels and benefit from our network. The online presence of the AHK Japan is one of the most visited websites in the German-Japanese business landscape and will allow you to reach potential applicants internationally, whom you may not encounter on other job portals. If you would like to publish your job offer with us, please fill in the required form at the bottom of this page.

1. Where Is Your Job Offer Published?

Further increase your reach by simultaneously placing an announcement in the German language business magazine JAPANMARKT. The magazine reaches hundreds of managers and personnel in international companies and organisations. We offer an attractive discount on combined advertisements (see below). 

2. How Long Does the Posting Stay Online?

  • For three months

The job offer posting remains online for three months on the channels named above, unless you complete your recruitment earlier. An extension of the posting for another three months is also possible.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Post a Job Offer?

  • For members: 52,800 yen (including consumption tax) / 440 euro per job offer posting
  • For non-members: 66,000 yen (including consumption tax) / 550 euro per job offer posting

Further Information

Publishing of the Job Offer

First, please create a PDF file of your job offer or, if available, a separate page on your website where your job offer is displayed. You may inform yourself of the format and content requirements below.

Then, please fill in the required form linked at the bottom of this page and either upload the PDF file there or enter the URL of the job offer that is displayed on your website.

Your posting will be published online within three working days. We will contact you as soon as your offer can be viewed on our homepage.

Please note that the final posting can only be checked after it has already been published on our website. It is not possible to preview how the announcement will appear online.

After your job offer posting is online, you will receive an invoice. Please make the payment until the due date (within four weeks after issuance).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any change requests concerning your posting.

Format and Content Requirements

Data format

PDF file (maximum 500 KB) or URL if a separate site of the job offer is available on your website.


Your job offer will be published on all three language versions of our website. Thus, you can create the posting in English, Japanese and/or German. Many companies provide the posting in several languages.

The file should include the following information:

  • Company name
  • Position
  • Location
  • Job description
  • (Desired) hire date
  • Candidate requirements
  • Information about your company (optional)
  • Contact person
  • Contact information (telephone, e-mail address and website)

We also offer the opportunity to place your logo next to the job offer posting. Please send your logo data in a usable picture format (for example JPG, PNG) with a maximum width of 360 pixels. Please also send an appropriate URL if you would like us to link the logo to your company's own website.

Combination Discount

We offer a combination discount on parallel online and print job postings in our magazine JAPANMARKT.

  • Online and print (half-page):
    For members: 148,000 yen / For non-members: 185,000 yen (consumption tax included)
  • Online and print (full-page):
    For members: 191,200 yen / For non-members: 239,000 yen (consumption tax included)

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Form for Publishing Your Job Offer

If you would like to publish your job offer with us, please fill out the required form here.

Publish your job offer