Business Presence

Japanese business culture places a high value on personal contacts and constant presence before making important decisions about partnership and connections.

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The AHK Japan offers an "Office in Office" solution, a plug and play approach giving you flexibility in time and cost as you establish a foothold in Japan. With this business presence in Tokyo your clients and partners can reach you at any time, and you can build up and look after your important contacts on a personal level.

Our Service at a Glance

Incubation Office

Your advantages:

  • Office space in central Tokyo with good access 
  • Business address with a local telephone number
  • Fully equipped workspace
  • Use of office facilities (printer, fax, telephone, unlimited internet access)
  • Use of conference rooms 

Coordination Spot

Your advantages:

  • Assistance in approaching your chosen service providers to help you in building your business presence
  • One Stop Shop: all communication and coordination with service providers via the AHK Japan until the establishment of your local office
  • Accompaniment in relevant appointments and official procedures
  • Use of our premises for your appointments
  • Sparring partner to discuss your strategies
  • Special conditions for users of our incubation offices