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The AHK Japan membership offers several advantages for your business. We constitute a strong and active network for our members to exchange views and make new connections. Our focus is on German-Japanese relations, but membership is open to companies of any nationality. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to welcome you as a member soon.

New Member Campaign 2023

Sign up with us as a "New Member" between October 1 and December 31 and have your membership extended until December 31, 2024 for the same fee of 50,000 yen.

For details and information on membership benefits please follow the link to the "Membership Benefits" page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the person in charge on the right.

Membership Categories and Fees

Category Requirement Annual Fee
Full Members
Full Member All businesses and organisations can apply for a full membership. The annual fee for full members is based on individual revenue for manufacturers and number of employees for service providers. (For further information, please have a look at the table below). 200,000 yen to 430,000 yen
Associate Members
Non-Resident Member For businesses and organisations with no legal entity in Japan (except representative office).
(In case you establish a Japanese subsidary, you become a full member.)
70,000 yen
New Member For businesses and organisations in Japan who have not been a member of the AHK for at least three years. Valid for one calendar year. 50,000 yen
Startup Member For Startups and Entrepreneurs in Japan with less than 10 employees. The applying entity as well as any controlling entities must have been established within five years including time since participation of investors. (The startup membership is valid for five years after the founding year and will automatically be changed into a full membership from January in the following year.) 50,000 yen
Non-Profit Member For public bodies and non-profit organisations. 50,000 yen

Only Full Members have: 

  • Voting rights in the members' meeting
  • Voting rights in the election of the board
  • Right to stand for election to the board

Annual Fees for Full Members

The annual fees for Full Members are based on the individual revenue for manufacturers or on the number of employees for service providers.

Service Providers
(number of employees)
Annual Fees
less than one billion yenup to 30 200,000 yen
one billion to 4.9 billion yen31 to 50 300,000 yen
five billion to 49 billion yen51 to 100 330,000 yen
50 to 100 billion yenmore than 100400,000 yen
more than 100 billion yen430,000 yen

Apply for Membership

Please fill out the following form to apply for the AHK Japan membership. After approval by the board, a confirmation e-mail together with the invoice for the membership fee will be sent to you. Membership commences once we are able to confirm your payment of the membership fee.

Membership is automatically renewed every year. Withdrawal from the AHK Japan can only take effect at the end of December, and notice of intent to withdraw must be submitted in writing to the board no later than three months before the end of the respective year (until the end of September). 

The Articles of Association of the AHK Japan can be downloaded here.

Membership Application Form (corporation)

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