Business Matchings

You are about to enter the Japanese market and are looking for a suitable local business partner? You wish to expand your activities building on your existing contacts in Japan? In either case we will support you.

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The AHK Japan can help you find a business partner with a real interest in your product or your services in addition to having the necessary experience in importing and distributing European products. The scope of our services will be arranged in accordance to your requests. 

Our Service at a Glance

Initial Consultation

Before starting your search for a business partner, we offer a free consultation by phone or in person at our Tokyo office to discuss your objectives, the processes ahead and to give you some initial indications of your target market. Use our contact form to set up an appointment for your initial consultation without financial obligation.

Address Research

You are in need of an overview of potential partners? We can carry out an address research for you and identify the appropriate target addresses based on pre-selected criteria, such as sector, region, ranking, number of employees or sales turnover. The results may be summarized in a "long list" containing general contact data or in detailed company profiles.

In view of language barriers and the frequent conservative reactions of Japanese companies to initial contacts from overseas, we recommend combining the address research with our business partner mediation.

Business Partner Matching

Our business partner matching is an extension of the address research service. In coordination with your request, a "shortlist" will be prepared based on which we establish contact with the target companies, handle the initial inquiries between your company and the potential partner, and coordinate the first steps towards building a partnership, such as arranging your schedule for a visit to Japan. If needed, we can also translate your product information into Japanese.

Providing an Interpreter

It is highly recommended to involve an interpreter for your first meetings in Japan. In addition to just a literal translation, you may also gain a finer understanding by reading in between the lines of a potential partners' words in order to establish a basis of trust for your future partnership. For a minimal fee, we will gladly introduce reliable and experienced interpreters for German or English.