Event Management

Whether you are presenting products or services to a potential business partner, or to the relevant target groups, building the right image and visibility are decisive success factors in Japan.

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The AHK Japan is the right partner to talk to: Together, we will develop a custom-made event concept, tailored to your specific requirements. Whatever your business, success stands and falls on selecting the right target audience. Whether you want to talk to customers, potential partners or investors, we will support you by identifying the target groups, undertaking the entire process of inviting the relevant institutions. We will be present at the venue, taking care of the invited guests; we will steer the publicity and conduct appropriate follow-up on agreement with you.

Our Service at a Glance

Symposia and Seminars

We organise symposia and seminars to assure the optimal presentation of your product, service or technology to a pre-selected target audience.

We offer:

  • Programme conceptualisation and planning
  • Identification of relevant target groups and the strategy for acquiring them
  • Invitation management
  • Involvement of relevant subject experts and associations
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Organisational and logistical support
  • Post-event service and evaluation of the event

Cooperation Forums

Alongside business partner matching, we also organise small-scale platforms to initiate contacts with prospective business partners.

We offer:

  • Initial consultation on market entry
  • Identification of potential business partners and clients
  • Invitation management and organisation of appointments
  • Interpreter provision, translation of your company materials
  • Organisational support (venue and rooms, catering, technical support)
  • Post-event service and evaluation of the event

Trade Show Service

In addition to an impressive appearance at a trade show, we recommend planning, inviting and informing potential clients ahead of time and bringing them into the picture. The AHK Japan offers complete support for your trade show appearance, from preparation, implementation through to post-event follow-up.

  • Preparation: identifying relevant trade shows, identifying client addresses, direct marketing, setting appointments
  • Implementation: providing stand personnel, accompaniment throughout by the AHK Japan
  • Post-event follow-up

Customized Services

Please talk to us about a custom-tailored service package. Whether it is a workshop, a reception party, a panel discussion or roundtable, we will find the perfect event format for you.