Dez 19

German Chamber Talent Café 2018 @ WASEDA University

Get to know German companies!

About the German Chamber Talent Café

AHK Japan introduced the German Chamber Talent Café for the first time in 2016. Held twice a year, the German Chamber Talent Café constitutes a platform where talented individuals and global companies can connect on a professional basis. The summer event aims at mid-careers who are searching for an employment with global companies in Japan. The winter event on the other hand is meant as a place for students of all backgrounds, ages and fields of study who harbor an interest in German business or Germany in general to be able to connect with and learn more about a number of global German companies.

Facts of Talent Café @ WASEDA 2016 & 2017

  • 25 companies joined the Talent Café @ WASEDA University up until now
  • 340 students from more than 30 universities visited the event
  • 20 talks per company on average
  • Attendees on the other hand were especially grateful for the opportunity to speak directly to the company representatives and took an interest in the work style and work-life-balance of foreign companies.
  • We received positive feedback from the participating companies especially regarding the shared interest in Germany, which all visitors had in common.


Talent Cafe Waseda 2018 Flyer

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