Corona Flashsurvey #1

10/02/2020 | AHK Japan News

Key finding: The influence of the Coronavirus on German Companies in Japan is (still) limited.

From February 7 to February 10, 2020, AHK Japan performed a flash survey among 400 German companies in Japan on how the Coronavirus is affecting them. The companies that responded reached 113, which equals a return rate of 28%. You can find the results below.

Diagram 1: How would you evaluate your company’s situation regarding the increasing risk of coronavirus infections? (n=101)

Diagram 2: Does the outbreak of the coronavirus influence your company’s business activities in Japan? If yes, please specify the influence of the coronavirus on your company’s business activities in Japan. (n=98)

Diagram 3: Has your company restricted or banned travels to China? (n=96)

Diagram 4: Has your company drafted restrictions or bans regarding incoming visitors from China or other foreign countries. (n=91)

Restrictions on Chinese visitors

Restrictions on Foreign visitors, who went to China recently

Restrictions on all foreign visitors

Diagram 5: Has your company restricted or banned travels to other foreign countries affected by the virus? (n=91)

Diagram 6: Do you think the measures to restrict the virus in Japan taken by the Japanese government represent your company’s interest? (n=77)