Posting Your Profile

You would like to take another step in your career? The AHK Japan offers the opportunity to publish your profile to attract the attention of internationally operating companies and organisations. Regardless of your nationality, whether you just graduated or wish to change your career: using our homepage you may even reach many companies you will not find on major job portals.

1. Where Is Your Profile Published?

2. How Long Will the Posting Stay Online?

  • For three months

The profile posting remains online for three months on the channels named above, unless you complete your job search earlier. An extension of the posting for another three months is also possible.

3. How Much Does a Posting Cost?

  • Within Japan: 5,500 yen per profile (consumption tax included)
  • Outside Japan: 50 euro per profile

Further Information

Publishing a Profile

Please create your profile in accordance with the formal and content requirements stated below.

Please fill in the form linked at the bottom of this page and send it to us.

Next, please pay the fee and send us the receipt (a scan or screenshot will suffice). You will find the details under "Payment Methods".

Your profile will be publish within three working days after we were able to confirm your payment.

We will contact you as soon as your profile can be viewed on our homepage. Please note that the final posting can only be checked after it has already been published on our website. It is not possible to preview how the profile will appear online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any change requests concerning your posting.

Payment Methods

The payment of the publishing fee for your profile can only be made by bank transfer. Please transfer the amount due to one of the following bank accounts.

Please note that it may take some time to confirm your payment at our office. We kindly ask you to send proof of your payment to the Communications department in form of a copy of your receipt or a screenshot that shows the transfer in order to publish your profile as swift as possible.

  • Within Japan (5,500 yen)
    German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (Zainichi Doitsu Shoko Kaigisho)
    Mizuho Bank, Akasaka-Branch (539)
    Account No.: [Current] 0112108

  • Outside Japan (50 euro)
    German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
    Commerzbank Hamburg
    IBAN: DE26 2008 0000 0965 0003 00

    SWIFT-Code: DRES DE FF 200
    Account No.: 9 650 003 00
    BLZ: 200 800 00

Formal and Content Requirements


Your profile will be published on the German, English and Japanese sections of our website.

English is mandatory. German and Japanese are voluntary, however, taking into consideration your current language skills and desired position you might want to fill them in. If no Japanese and German texts are provided, your posting will appear in English on both pages.

When filling in the form please mind you grammar and spelling as we will not correct your text. In case of grave errors we might ask you to correct it yourself. Please note that we will not translate your text.


The following items of your profile will be published. Your name and contact data provided in the form will only be used so we may contact you. They will not be published.

  • Profile Title (max. 60 characters)
    * Please enter a short title for your profile. This title will be displayed in the profile list. (E.g. your desired position or line of business, your highest educational achievement or your current profession)
  • Education (max. 250 characters)
  • Work Experience (max. 400 characters)
  • Language Skills (max. 250 characters)
  • IT Skills (max. 250 characters)
  • Desired Position and Location (max. 250 characters)
  • Others (max. 250 characters)
    * The number of characters includes spaces. 
    * If you are not a Japanese national and are currently in Japan for your job search, please provide your visa status and validity. If you have a spouse visa, please clarify whether it includes the permission to undertake paid employment beforehand. The same requirement applies to Japanese nationals in Germany.

Example Profile 

[Profile Title] Dipl.-Ing electric engineering

Education Dipl.-Ing electric engineering, automation technology, University ABC
Work Experience Industry experience in development and technical management between German and Japanese projects (5 years); technical sales and distribution in Asia and America, in Japan (3 years), liaison officer in Japan (3 years)
Language Skills German (native), English (TOEIC 975), Japanese (JLPT 1)
IT Skills Microsoft Office, Photoshop, File Maker, HTML
Desired Position and Location Seeking a position with a German or global corporation in greater Tokyo
Others Working visa until 20xx

Contact from a Company

Your posting will be anonymous and receive a profile number instead.

If a company is interested in your profile, they will first contact us concerning your profile number.

Then we will forward their offer and contact information to you.

In case you are interested in the offer, please inform us and then contact the company directly. There is no need to involve us in your further communication with the company.

In case you would like to decline the offer, please inform us so we may inform the company about your decision.

Please let us know if you have found a job so that we take down your profile from our homepage.

Form for Publishing Your Profile

If you are ready to publish your profile, please fill out the required form here.

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