Vocational Training Automotive Mechatronic Program

AHK Japan is planning to support German Automotive Importers in deploying the German vocational training program for the education of automotive mechatronics to address the shortage of qualified personnel in automotive workshops.


An increasing number of mixed and complex drivetrains, as well as an increasing number of electrical systems on board of each vehicle, also the complexity concerning the training of automotive mechanics will increase. As we expect to number of EV sales to significantly rise in coming years, we are eager to create an additional platform for the recruitment and training of next generation automotive mechanics.

Besides existing and individual training programs, some of the German importers in Japan have started developing a vocational training program mechatronics with AHK Japan, with the aim in providing a platform for recruitment and education of high skilled automotive mechanics. The program is aimed to fit the importers needs and interests, taking into consideration the local environment, while taking advantage of the experience of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK) network. The German VT system has been successfully introduced already in 63 worldwide locations outside Germany.

Aim of the Program

Aim of the program is to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, which permit the trainees to develop a deep understanding of the work they are doing, covering electrical drivetrains and ADAS too.

Summary of the Program

  • Vocational training will be conducted based on German curriculum.
  • Training materials will be prepared by AHK Japan, based upon contents from Germany and other locations where the vocational training program is being conducted already. Minimum modifications will be made based on Japanese requirements.
  • The adaptions of the curriculum shall be conducted by the representatives from importers and technical colleges. The contents shall be finally reviewed and confirmed by Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).
  • 70% of the training shall be OJT at dealer and the rest shall be theoretical training at technical college (About 8 months OJT / 4 months classroom).
  • This permits to grow car mechatronic mechanics at dealers that can be integrated as immediate asset of the firms, with knowledge based on a German curriculum.
  • Trainees shall take 3 years training and all the necessary programs will be obtained.


  • Importer/dealer/AHK Japan will conduct the main recruitment process and the trainees will be selected after a multi-stage 3 months screening process.
  • Program aims at lowering the entrance hurdles for this type of training by making it accessible without tuition fees for the trainees.
  • Trainees receive a living expense allowance so that they can concentrate in the studies.
  • Trainees shall take 3 years training and all the necessary programs will be obtained.
  • Trainees will obtain an official certificate issued based on German rules after successfully passing two examinations during the 3 years training.

Advantages of the Program

WIN for Dealership

  • Establish structured onsite training system
  • Retain talented employee
  • Lower employee turnover rate
  • New carrier path for experts (OJT Trainer)
  • Ausbildung Trainer Certificate (OJT Trainer)

WIN for College

  • Establish joint education system​with German car makers
  • Effective utilization of resources (human and facility)

WIN for Importer

  • Establish structured onsite training system
  • Improve service quality at dealership
  • Improve customer satisfaction

WIN for Trainee

  • Secure job through employment contract with dealer​
  • Structured onboarding program​
  • Obtain latest technology and skills taught by experts
  • Obtain an official certificate issued based on German rules

Introduction Videos to Vocational Training Program

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